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PCP Car Finance

Lower Monthly Payments
PCP is an increasingly popular way in which to fund your next car purchase. It will allow you lower monthly payments over a traditional loan because your chosen car’s future value is calculated and treated as the final payment.

PCP car finance has some great benefits including lower monthly repayments and the ability to settle your finance agreement at any time.

Three Options Are Available At The End of The Agreement

1. Your first option is to pay the final payment and keep the car .

2. Your second option is if your car is not worth the final payment value then you can simply hand it back to the finance company with nothing more to pay (This would be subject to the vehicle’s mileage and condition).

3. Your third and final option, which is the most popular of the three is to part exchange your car which settles the agreement. Any excess monies over and the above the final payment can be used as part of your next deposit. You can choose to do this at any time during your finance agreement offering you unparalleled flexibility.​

HP Car Finance

Traditional Way To Fund a Vehicle
Using HP Car Finance is one of the most popular and has been the most traditional way to finance your car purchase over the years. HP car finance gives you the flexibility to settle your agreement at any time and you will receive a rebate of interest.

The Benefits
HP Car Finance gives you numerous benefits over normal loans and is fast and easy to arrange with the decision often turned around in minutes.

As the dealership is paid directly by the finance company, this ensures that you take delivery of your vehicle much more quickly, also the other benefit is that the vehicle acts as security which means it is not secured to your home.


You will also benefit from additional protection under the Consumer Credit Act.